Welcome to the Thorium Community website: an in-progress guide to nuclear energy information resources and climate change concerns. 

Recently Added: 2 Public Access TV stations presenting the weekly Thorium Community series.

The Community Media Center of Marin County, California

 Tuesday evenings at 6pm on the Community Channel

Cambridge Community TV, Cambridge Massachusetts

Thursday evenings at 10pm and rebroadcast Sundays at 5:30 pm on Channel 8

 MNN, Manhattan Neighborhood Network Broadcast Schedule: Our weekly half-hour series on public access TV (MNN, New York City) has moved to a new time slot and MNN's channel 4 - which should find a new audience with midweek evening viewers, and hopefully students interested in science, technology, energy and the environment.  The original series will be presented in the same order as before, with new, additional programs as they are produced.

  The Thorium Community offers a weekly half-hour series for public access TV.  Mainly featuring Thorium Energy Alliance Conference (TEAC) videos documented by Gordon McDowell, and currently broadcast on MNN/ public access TV in New York at the new broadcast time: Thursday evenings, at 9:30 pm, ET. (MNN Channel 4)  We are now sharing the quarterly series with the Marin County public access station in California, and Cambridge Community TV in Massachusetts. Those interested in sponsoring the series in their region, please contact us, below.

Weekly Program Listings - Watch whatever, and whenever you like, on YouTube:

Click here for the Thorium Community Playlist

22 shows are now available online - these are the first 15 in the series:

  1. "Dr. Stephen Boyd, Molten Salt Reactors in 5 Years?"
  2. Robert Stone, director of "Pandora's Promise" at TEAC7, on carbon-free nuclear power.
  3. Robert Stone, conclusion, plus Dan Gluesenkamp, director of the California Native Plant Society, with his TEAC7 talk, "What Do We Have To Lose?" on  plant species endangered due to global warming.
  4. Dr. Alex Cannara: "Acidification, Climate and Energy - Preventing Ocean Extinctions" describes impact of carbon emissions on our oceans, resulting in lower PH, and its harmful effects to coral reefs and marine organisms.  Can carbon-free nuclear energy help to neutralize a trillion tons of dissolved carbon?
  5. Stephen Boyd and Claudia Deutsch: USA: What Place in the Thorium Race?"  plus Kirk Sorensen at TEAC4: "Thorium - a Global Alternative" Part 1
  6. Kirk Sorensen: "Thorium - a Global Alternative" Part 2, conclusion.
  7. Dr. Robert Blomquist, A Tour of Argonne National Laboratory • TEAC6
  8. Dr. David LeBlanc @ TEAC7: "IMSR:Terrestrial Energy's Integral Molten Salt Reactor"
  9. Dr. David LeBlanc @ TEAC7 Part 2
  10. Dr. Stephen Boyd and Claudia Deutsch:  "MSRs - What Are We Waiting For?"
  11. Dr. Stephen Boyd and Claudia Deutsch Part 2 and Andrew Dodson, "Facts About Wind Energy"
  12. Lars Jorgensen @ TEAC7 : "A Thorium Molten Salt Reactor System We Can Build Now"
  13. John Kutsch, (Executive Director, Thorium Energy Alliance) "Thorium As An Energy Source" Plus: Melton Chew, "Thorium Health Physics"
  14. Dr. Robert Hargraves:  "Thorium - Energy Cheaper Than Coal" Part 1
  15. Dr. Robert Hargraves, Part 2, plus: Dr. Julian Rosenman, "Radiation for Cancer Therapy" 

Visit our Video Resources Page now in progress - to be updated to feature Thorium Energy Conference presentations you can watch here on the Thorium Community Website.  

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In Production: Thorium Community covered the Feb. 18, 2016 Sierra Club rally for offshore wind turbines to meet New York City's energy demands. The video will explore the pros and cons of this hoped-for green power solution to part of the city's annual greenhouse gas emissions.   

Thorium Community's most recent video production, now on YouTube: 

Stephen Boyd: MSRs - What are We Waiting For? A lively discussion featuring Claudia Deutsch, former Business Day staff writer for The New York Times, and Stephen Boyd, Ph.D., chemist and CEO of Havelide Systems, Inc. Government regulations and big fuel interests (including Big Nuclear), are identified as obstacles confronting thorium molten salt proponents in their efforts to develop an industrial business model that could ideally power the planet and help mitigate effects of climate change by reducing emissions through carbon-free energy production. Dr. Boyd suggests ways the thorium community could raise funds to help reach their goals.

Watch more Thorium Community videos:

Dr. Stephen Boyd: Molten Salt Reactors in 5 Years? 

USA: What Place in the Thorium Race?

Website In Progress:  We are looking for a volunteer webmaster. Apply below! What are some Thorium Community objectives you will find here? • As an information exchange, links to online resources - videos, many of which are produced by Gordon McDowell to advance interest and understanding about Molten Salt Reactors and thorium and 'FliBe' as nuclear fuel solutions. Many of his videos have documented the Thorium Energy Alliance conferences for the past 7 years, and will also cover future Thorium Energy Alliance conference events.

• NYC Thorium/Molten Salt Reactor Study Group - Contact Us if interested in participation at various levels.  For New York City: meet to examine, review and develop an understanding of the science and technology of this safe, carbon-free energy source.  Participate in one or more video productions to help advance the cause. The potential that MSRs, on an industrial scale, offer to produce reliable energy world-wide could be a big win in the battle to mitigate global warming. This group may eventually partner with other groups, such as the Thorium Energy Alliance for exchange of ideas. Online Participation: Help build awareness, and share thorium molten salt reactor advocacy. Interested? contact us, using the form, below.

• Links to scientific studies - video talks and articles on greenhouse gas emissions, polar melting, ocean acidification, energy and related subjects of concern.

• Reviews: We look forward to listing links to informative material we find helpful and accessible.

• New to Nuclear? Check out this podcast interview with science writer, Richard Martin for a comprehensive, introductory understanding. 

• Linking online forums and discussion groups: Check out on Facebook:  Energy Reality Project, the Thorium Energy Alliance, and others.  

• Sponsorship Opportunities:  Your contribution will help keep Thorium Community productions alive and well.  2016 marks our transition to High Definition video production, and with it, new editing computer and software.  Apple's Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Adobe AfterEffects are the advanced systems we'll work with to produce technically and artistically up-to-date Thorium/MSR education videos.  Please inquire via email, below: Thanks!

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•  Of the program or programs that you've seen, what's caught your interest? What would you like to see more of on this subject?  Did you find the program presenters to be very understandable and of interest, or less so (too technical)?

*  Are you are interested in energy and the environment, and how "Generation 4" new nuclear power development - MSRs and Thorium - can help reduce climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions?  If so, would you be interested in participating in a local study group that meets every 2 months, currently in New York City, to share and develop ideas and information? What abilities/skills/experience or interest can you bring to the table: i.e. journalist/broadcasting/documentation/scientific-technology background/student/concerned citizen.

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